R.C. Sullivan is melodic hardcore / punk band from Groningen and Leeuwarden in the Netherlands. We have been around since 2012. Influences come from Bane and Propagandhi (to name a few). We have been playing and touring in the Netherlands but also in Gemany, Poland, Czech Republic and Denmark.

With a new singer in 2018, the band has slightly struck out in a new direction. While the screams may have died down, the message R.C. Sullivan tries to get across hits home even harder and is heard clearer and louder than before.

The band’s name is a reference to US Park Ranger Roy Cleveland Sullivan. He survived getting struck by lightning seven times. Despite his seeming immortality, an unrequited love got the better of him; he committed suicide at age 71.

This contrast between humanity’s durability against unstoppable forces one hand, and its frailty on the other, inspires the band. Unbiased, rather in search of dialogue, they try to illuminate different aspects of life. This is accompanied by melodic riffs, vehement vocals and pounding rhythms.

R.C. Sullivan is: Jared (vocals), Lennart (guitar), Edo (guitar), Joris (drums) en Jan Jaap (bass).