R.C. Sullivan is a five piece punkrock band with a hardcore touch, hailing from the Northern provinces of The Netherlands. We have been playing for over a decade, after starting the band in 2012. R.C. Sullivan is: Jared (vocals), Lennart (guitar), Edo (guitar), Joris (drums) and Jan Jaap (bass).

With age comes wisdom, some people say. Apparently with age also comes a shift from making modern day hardcore towards more melodic punkrock, still with that hardcore feel. Who’s to say if the two have anything to do with each other, but there it is.

The name R.C. Sullivan is a reference to US Park Ranger Roy Cleveland Sullivan. During his life he survived getting struck by lightning 7 times. As the story goes, an unrequited love eventually made him take his own life. It’s not too far fetched to say there’s a common thread to be found in our lyrics. However resilient we all might be to nature’s forces, in the end no one is prepared for what life throws at you.

Playing our songs to anyone who wants to hear them has brought us to venues across The Netherlands, as well as Germany, Denmark, Poland and Czech Republic. We have released 2 EP’s and a couple of single releases, all recorded and produced DIY.

Our latest 4 song EP “Masquerade” was released on March 29 2024 on 7 inch vinyl and on most music streaming services. This time recorded and produced by DoubleYouD. Make sure to check out for this banger!